Monday, November 10, 2008

Where have we been??

It is boutique time so I have been neglecting my blog, and neglecting reading all of your blogs! Every year I tell myself (and Ryan) that I am not going to do any boutiques, and every year I end up doing what feels like a hundred. But I can't complain because it is my own fault. I have so many fun, new things this year I just couln't pass them up. Plus it is nice to earn some extra money for Christmas! This is pretty much what my front room looks like all the time-the rest of my house is probably worse but we won't take pictures of that! I am just amazed that my boys know not to touch any of it. So besides eating lots of Taco Bell and quite a messy house the next few posts are what we have been up to.....Ah, the price we pay for boutique season!!

Happy Halloween!

The boys were so excited for Halloween. For Family Night we went and picked out pumpkins and then carved them. They were a little hesitant to get their hands dirty at first but after a while they were really into it.

This is the boys at Spencer, school Halloween Carnival. It was soooo hot. It was at 1:00 in the afternoon and they had to wear there costumes (which were made for 60 degree weather), but they didn't seem to mind and just kept stuffing themselves with all kinds of treats.
Dallan Picking out his pumpkin to color.

The boys wanted to be Stars Wars this year. Which is kind of a funny story because they hadn't even seen it before. Dallan has been obsessed with Chewbacca for a while though (Spencer and Dallan really wanted to name the baby that!) When the costume came in the mail I have never seen him so excited. He striped down and put it on immediately.

So, This is the family. Isn't baby Yoda cute! I think this was the most unflattering Halloween costume I have ever worn, probably because I made my outfit (no, I will not be taking orders for ugly Princess Leia dresses). Spencer was Obi Wan Kanobi. After Halloween we decided the only reason they wanted to be Star Wars was because they realized they got to play with the Light Sabers (smart kids!!)

Looking over all the goods!
Grandpa Chewy.....I think it looked really good on him!

What the boys are up to....

Spencer had a field trip with his preschool to the Farm. He was in heaven. It was fun to see how he interacted with other kids. He wanted to hold every animal he could!

Aunt Niki went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and Mady brought the boys back Buzz Lightyear toys. She told them all about the rides and the boys were in awe. They still keep asking me when they get to go to Disneyland. It is hard to explain to them "not for a while". Of course they think it is just down the street and free!!

This is kind of a funny. Last month I was trying to prepare my Relief Society lesson and I couldn't do it at night because Ryan was using the computer for school. The boys were, of course, being wild and crazy and I couldn't concentrate so I turned on Bob the Builder and plugged in their head phones. It worked like a charm. I got a good 20 minutes of peace and quiet!

Almost walking!

So, I think the last time I posted about Carson he was almost crawling. Well, crazy as it sounds now he is almost walking. I cant believe how fast he is growing up. He is probably just trying to keep up with his brothers! I remember the other boys didn't crawl until about 9 or 10 months and didn't walk until 12 or13 months. Needless to say I am not quite ready for all this mobility!!
Carson also got his two bottom teeth last month. Every time I try to take a picture he shuts his mouth-so maybe next time. He also started to wave the other night. We were putting the boys to sleep and after he read books with them we said bye bye and he totally waved. He is getting so big!

Carson's favorite place to "hide".
Carson is cruising around everything! His favorite are the chairs in the kitchen. He will walk while pushing them. Good thing we have all that tile!

This is hilarious! I always find him sucking on this little rubber duckie. Apparently he thinks it is a Binky.