Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What can I say? I just spent an awesome, but very short weekend in New York City! The salon that I work at sent me and another girl to the Bumble and Bumble University (Bb is a product line we carry) to learn a new treatment line we are bringing to the salon. We stayed at the Hudson right by Columbus circle and Central Park. We were in class most of the day but still had time to do lots of shopping and have some really funny experiences in China Town and in lots of cabs! It was really humid (my face felt like it was getting a constant steam facial),so waiting for the Subway was like torture, especially because it was on a weekend schedule. I don't ever remember it being so humid or smelly in the Subways when I lived there before, but after about a day we said heck with the Subway we'll just take a cab!(too bad we couldn't get on Cash Cab, it would have been a lot cheaper!)
This is the view from the Bb U Salon. Can you imagine the view while you are getting your hair done-amazing!
This was in Central Park where we had the funniest little bike guy ride us around (aah, the joys of vacationing and actually having some money), it was so relaxing.

Times Square

View of Ground Zero. This was so sad. I haven't been back to New York since 9-11, it was still a very almost reverent scene.
This was our morning view from our hotel room- so beautiful!
Some of our fabulous buys, (yes those are giraffe purses all for $25!). Of course, I had to stop at H &M!
The night before we left we went down to Serendipity and waited for about an hour for some amazing Frozen Hot Chocolate!

I have to say thank you so much to Ryan for taking such good care of the boys! He really is just unbelievable sometimes and I appreciate him letting me do this.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Case of the traveling baby!

Carson is getting so big! The other day I put him on the ground under his little play gym and went into the kitchen. I came back like 3 minutes later and he was all the way over by the puzzles! He can't really scoot yet so it is still a mystery how he got there. I guess I am going to have to start watching what is on the WHOLE floor. He could be crawling sooner than I think. Baby-proofing here I come!!!

First Day of School

Spencer started preschool last week. He was so excited and has been asking me all summer when school started. He is in a new preschool this year with no one he knows. I not sure if that will be good or bad, we'll see! The first day of school he woke up at 5:45 am and immediately got dressed and started asking us to take him right now! Poor Dallan was just certain that he got to start school too. He got his back pack on and had me take pictures and everything. We kept telling him that he is going to drop Spencer off and when we got to school Spencer's teacher Ms. Rebbecah told all the kids to play in the back yard until everyone arrived and Dallan said, "Okay" and started walking right in! I ended up taking him to Aunt Kiki's to play at her "school". He seemed pretty pacified with that!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Picture Day!

These pictures are a funny story,looking back (not so funny at the time!) They were actually Carson's 3 month pictures but I have been so busy lately I haven't had time to blog so here goes... I wanted the boys to get their first pictures taken together so we scheduled a Friday when Ryan was off work to take them. Our first set of pictures the boys were so good and they listened to the lady , but when we looked at the pictures Carson had spit up and you could see this big thing of spit up on his shirt. So I decided to reschedule for the next week and thought I could do it by myself because the boys were so good the first time (boy was I wrong!). Spencer and Dallan were pretty much out of control and wouldn't listen to the lady or me. Every time the lady asked Dallan to look at her he would turn his head anyway from the camera, ahhh! it was making me so mad. Then at some point one of them (if not both of them) hit Carson on the head and he started crying and pretty much wouldn't calm down so then when it was time for his pictures he was screaming hysterically (while the boys were throwing balls at the camera might I add). I'm sure the lady thought they were all the most unruly boys she has ever seen. Anyone that has spent anytime with Carson knows how calm he is and never really cries so I guess it is funny, but not quite fitting, that he is so mad in his three month pictures. Better luck next time -there might not be a next time:)) The most annoying part of it all was as soon as we got in the car Spencer and Dallan asked if we could go get treats because they were so good, can you believe the nerve!!