Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Spencer had his birthday party on January 17. We were just going to have a family party with some close friends, but I was then informed by Spencer that he wanted to have an all boy party!(Does that already happen at 4?) Then I started thinking about it and all the kids and cousins I was going to invite were girls, so we compromised with letting him invite the boys from his class. Yes, that is 10 kids in all! It was fun and Spencer had the time of his life. He wanted to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party which is funny because he has never seen it but we made Ninja Turtles masks and had a good time.
*Mental Note: 2 hours was way too long to occupy 10-4 year olds!!

Blowing out candles

Spencer and all of his friends. Dallan is the man, he likes to sit by the women!:)

This little guy was hilarious! He wouldn't take off his mask the whole time!

Poor Ethan...Pooped from all the fun!


I am finally getting around to posting this but Carson has been walking now for about 3 weeks! He officially took his first "real" steps when he was exactly 10 months old. He still isn't a very good public performer (when Grandma Smith was here a couple of weeks ago, I couldnt get him to walk for the life of me)! He walks everywhere now but is still a little wobbly. On another note, it is kind of funny how much of a fit thrower he is. If you do something he doesn't like he will throw this massive tantrum. I know I am going to be pulling my hair out in a year but for now we just laugh because it is hilarious!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My latest project

So when I get an idea in my head I cant stop thinking about it. It sounds crazy, but sometimes I even dream about it (I know, I have issues). Well this was the latest, a little girl's dress. I finally had to sit down and do it to get it out of my head. Too bad I don't have a little girl to try it on, for now Dallan will have to do (don't worry Ryan saved him) . Or maybe I will just live through Cheramie (one of her triplets are going to be a girl-yea!) I am sure there will be more ideas in the future, but for now my mind is at ease!

Christmas Day

I have to say that Santa was very good to us this year. Spencer was so excited that he woke up at 4:30 am. We tried to get him to go back to sleep but he wouldn't until he saw if Santa brought him his Scooter. Then he went back to sleep until about 7:30 (We had to wake Dallan up!) The first thing they did was run to the fireplace to see if Santa left them any cookies! Too bad Santa didn't know he was supposed to leave some cookies- bad Santa! It was a rainy and cold, cold day. The boys got a new trampoline, among other things, but they couldn't jump on it because it was raining. But they have had every other day to make up for it and are loving it. Ryan did so good on his gift giving, I have to give him props! Santa gave Ryan a new bike. I got a new printer, and the family got a new TV for mom and dad's room, yea! This is the boys playing with their Lightening McQueen race track after breakfast.

Opening Presents...

Carson got a new play table and a bath seat...

Dallan got a new tool set. Unfortunately it was broke within the first five minutes of playing with it so we told him Santa said we could return it to Toys R US and he got a new scooter instead (which is what he really wanted. He kept looking around and thought Santa forgot it!)...
Spencer on his new Scooter...

We got them a game called Horton Hears a Who and the boys love it. It is pretty funny to play too!

The boys playing in the rain with the scooter and Dallan's new umbrella..

Christmas Eve

It has definitely been a crazy December. Ryan's sister Stefani got married to Guy on the 18. So we spent the weekend before Christmas in Central with Ryan's family. My parents were in Idaho so we had our own Christmas Eve party at our house. We made green chili burros with the fixins (not as good as Grandma Smith's Mexican fiesta, but you do what you can!) Nikki and Jesse and the kids came over as well as Lindsay and John. After dinner we acted out the nativity. I was so cute! This is Joseph and Mary's entrance on the Donkey(thanks to Aunt Lindsay).
This is everyone. Special thanks to aunt Britni for half of our costumes...the towels worked great. And who knew that my ugly Princess Leia costume would work so beautifully for our lovely angel (I am all about a flexible wardrobe!).

After dinner the kids sat around the table and cut out cookies to make for Santa. It was a lot of fun to see how excited the kids were. I think the boys were the perfect age. This is them in their new Christmas Pajamas ready to go to bed!

Future Hairdresser

I just had to post about this because it was so funny! The other day Dallan got into Ryan's hair stuff and was so proud of himself that he did his own hair. This picture didn't do justice on how much he used (unfortunately the stuff is not cheap)! Ryan said it was all he could do not to yell because it was everywhere. Good thing mom wasn't home!

Carson at 9 months!

Weight: 21lbs. 7oz.
Length: 30" !!

What I love about Carson at 9 months.....
Carson is at such a fun age for all of us right now. The boys are loving to interact with him. Carson will come up to Dallan and start grabbing him (and kind of being mean) and I know I shouldn't say this but it is so funny. Maybe in a small way Dallan has met his match! If he wasn't so scared he would be walking right now. He cruises everywhere and will let go of the couch to play with a toy and just stand there for 10 seconds but when we try to get him to walk he just sits down. I love his blue eyes. He is so loving and cuddly. He is definitely starting to get scared of strangers or anyone else holding him. He eats like a football player. I swear he eats more than the boys! A cute story about Carson is how much he loves sitting on Dallan's bed to read books at night before bed. He gets so excited. He has to watch the other boys lay in there bed and say goodnight and then he will go straight to bed. If he doesn't do that first, he will cry and cry in his crib. In a way, I think he feels left out not being in the Cowboy room :)!