Thursday, June 12, 2008

My little helper

Dallan has like "super spidey senses" when it comes to unloading the dishwasher. As soon as I open it he flies in out of nowhere saying "me help mommy". For a while I was annoyed and would try to do as much as I could as fast as I could before he came, then I decided instead of fighting a losing battle I would give him a job. Now he is officially in charge of the silverware. Suprisingly, he does a really good job and gets all the utensils in the right places. Needless to say I am very thankful for my little helper!

Taking Turns w/ Carson

Spencer and Dallan love to hold Carson. They would sit all day with him if I let them. It is fun to see how much they love him. Dallan looks like he is getting a little smashed!

Growing Fast

I still cant believe how fast Carson is growing. Just last week he started grabbing for things. He is still a little rusty, but watch out for your earrings!

Fun with cousins

This last weekend we had all of Ryan's family in town for Tanner's (Brad's little boy) baby blessing. Spencer was carefully examining Dathon. Every time we go to Grandma Bodine's she lays the boys out on her ottoman and plays doctor with them, so they were so excited when Dallan got a doctor set for his birthday. And they have been using it everyday since!

Bath time on Saturday night to get ready for Sunday. I have to say, that water was pretty dirty!!(Dallan,Dathon, Blake, and Spencer)
Carson and Tanner, future best buds!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Dallan was so excited for his birthday to come. All week we would ask him what was coming up and he would say,"Happy birthday to me!" or "My happy birthday!" At night when we would ask him what song he wanted us to sing before bed, oh yes, we had to sing Happy Birthday. I can't believe he is already two. He is growing up so fast and talking so well. I hope his birthday was everything he thought it would be!

Grandma Bodine with Dallan, Mady, and Vincent
Grandma Smith was in town and got a special invitation, too!
Dallan and his cousins got to play slip and slide and swim in the little pool. They had lots of fun.

Present time....

Guitar Hero

Last Saturday Clint and Farrah Albright came over with their kids to hang out. They have two kids around the same age as Spencer and Dallan which makes getting together fun and loud :)).
Clint brought Guitar Hero. It was so much fun. Ryan thinks he has bragging rights as the ultimate winner, but if you ask Clint I am sure he would disagree!
Our little soon to be rocker...
I guess it was video game weekend because the next day we borrowed a little old school Nintendo from my sister. The boys loved it, especially Duck Hunt. I am sad to admit when they went to sleep we stayed up till midnight playing Super Mario Brothers. It reminded me of the good old days when I was like 8 years old!! (and I had sore thumbs afterwards)

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we went to Jess and Brad's for a little BBQ. The boys were so excited to go swimming.
Spencer is swimming so good this summer. He has no fear.

This was Carson's first time in the pool. I don't think he quite knew what to think!