Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Trip to HOLLAND (sort of)

(****Sorry there are lots of pictures but we might not ever make it back to HOLLAND!)

This was the funnest part of our Iowa State trip. Ryan has always complained (maybe whined) that I have never let him go to Holland with me, so now he can never say it again! While we were in Iowa we went to a town called Pella. It is an old Dutch settlement in the middle of Iowa (of all places)! It was so fun. All the store fronts in Pella have to be decorated with a Dutch theme. Even the Walmart had a Dutch looking storefront (my Aunt Ellie would be so exited, when they come over that is one of their favorited places). So here is how the trip went.....

It was so pretty. They had the largest working windmill in North America (go figure), so of course we took the tour.

Ryan was very impressed! After our windmill tour we went to the museum where we saw the wooden shoe making process (kind of boring:))

LOOK!! We even took pictures together trying on wooden shoes (don't mind the fact that I am 14 years old and in the REAL Holland).

It was so pretty. We missed the Tulip festival by 2 weeks. We also went to a Dutch bakery to get lunch and of course got some Stroop Waffles to take home to my parents.

What a handsome dutchman!

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