Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carson's Surgery

Last month was kind of crazy! The day after we got home from Iowa (post coming soon), Carson went in for his surgery. He had a hernia repaired in his abdomen that was causing his testicle not to descend (I am sure he is going to love that I typed this for everyone to always remember!). It was probably the longest 45 minutes of my life but I am happy to say that everything went well and he is recovering fabulously. They had to take him away crying because we were not allowed in the operating room. We went into the recovery area when they brought him out of anesthesia. He looked very peaceful and was excited to see us, and very thirsty- he wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after 6 pm the day before- his surgery wasn't until 12pm :(. He was definitely a trooper. When we got home, it was so funny because his legs were still numb, like an epidural, and he was trying to roll around on the couch and looked like a little fish- sad but funny. Anyway, all is well and we have our post OP appointment this week to give him the go ahead for normal activity. Carson, you are an amazing little guy!


Klan said...

How sad and cute!

Sabrina Bodine said...

AWE!!!! So sad but how adorible he is! Wish I was there to help!

Brad and Jess Smith said...

I have never seen Carson cry it breaks my heart and I almost started to cry. Don't put any more pictures of him crying!